Shocking facts about Binge Drinking

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What kind of toll is your partying taking? Here are 15 shocking facts on binge drinking for you to digest

Unbelievable World Records

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How tall is the tallest man? Find out with this awesome world records gallery!

Shocking Facts about our Favorite Celebrities

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I am especially shocked by #4! How about you?

Mind Blowing Shadow Art

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Are the shadows in your house this insane?

Sometimes the best of us need help to get this as well – Confidence

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It’s time to over your insecurities and start believing in yourself.

These are only kids! And they have more money than you and me

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Kid Entrepreneurs Who Will Make You Feel Terrible About Yourself



My Book at Amazon: Put Your Teenage Years Back to Your Penis

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For erectile dysfunction, lots of medicines and herbs give you the hope of gaining that erection force you once had. Who could guess that out of all these drugs, only 2 of them are needed for a perfect erection, and they are cheap to get?

Two… That’s it!
One is to open up the arteries to let blood in; and the other one is to narrow the veins so that the blood can stay in the penis. The result is a massive erection, in the way you had it in your teenage years.

There are also a couple of bonuses for other enhancements, including a unique and safe way to spike up your testosterone to a new height, and an herb that can stop your premature ejaculation problem without desensitizing you.

Can some of these be REAL?

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Optical illusion graffiti is visually stunning. See some of the best works ever.